Site Activity Update

Site Activity Update
A flight auger rig on site to install surface casings beginning with Recovery Well 1

On Site Drilling at Florence Copper

Construction of the Florence Copper Production Test Facility has commenced. The project represents a $25 million investment within the Town of Florence and is designed to confirm the reliability of in-situ copper recovery.

On Friday, October 13, 2017, a flight auger drill rig was on site to install the first of what will be 13 Injection and Recovery surface casings.

Led by drilling superintendent Rick Hacker of Hydro Resources, the drilling crew installed 24” pipe conductor casing for recovery Well 1, and completed a grout pour, adding a layer of corrosion-resistant cement.

We will continue to provide project updates as construction progresses.

24” pipe conductor casings that the drilling crew will install 40 ft. underground

24” pipe conductor casings that were installed 40 ft. underground by the drilling crew

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