Mining Industry Champion Award

Mining Industry Champion Award

Our general manager, Brent Berg, was recently awarded the Mining Industry Champion award by AMIGOS at their annual awards banquet.

Brent was able to present updates to AMIGOS about the success of the Florence Copper Production Test Facility (PTF) at the event.

Florence Copper recently completed an 18-month, small-scale PTF that successfully demonstrated copper ore can safely be extracted from up to 1,200 feet below ground using the revolutionary in-situ copper recovery (ISCR) mining process.

It demonstrated to area residents and state and federal environmental agencies that ISCR meets the highest regulatory standards. Florence and surrounding communities benefited from the project’s economic impact and charitable giving efforts.

Other project highlights include the following:

  • $25 million of capital investment was spent to build the PTF
  • Over 1 million pounds of “green” copper was produced
  • 38 direct jobs and dozens of indirect jobs were created
  • Water consumption was 14 times lower when compared to conventional mining
  • Carbon emissions were 6 times lower when compared to conventional mining
  • Hundreds of megawatts of electricity were saved

Congratulations to Brent and sincere thanks to AMIGOS for being champions of the mining industry themselves!

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