Florence Copper’s Aquifer Protection Permit Upheld – Appeal Dismissed

Florence Copper’s Aquifer Protection Permit Upheld – Appeal Dismissed

On Monday, the Arizona Water Quality Appeals Board dismissed an appeal by opponents of the Florence Copper Project. The ruling means that the “Significant Amendment” to the Aquifer Protection Permit was upheld and the project has taken a step closer toward construction of its Production Test Facility.

At the hearing, it was evident that the Water Quality Appeals Board understood that both the environment and public health would be protected by this permit. Florence Copper’s APP is perhaps the most robust permit ever issued by ADEQ, and it’s important that the Board recognized the appropriate safety and security measures built into this permit. Florence will use the most advanced technology for in-situ copper recovery, and now that has been validated and upheld.

We still aren’t at the finish line, but we’re much closer. The project’s Underground Injection Control permit that was issued by the Environmental Protection Agency on Dec. 20, 2016 is also being appealed by the Town of Florence and Southwest Value Partners. We have every confidence that this appeal will also be dismissed due to the thorough regulatory review undertaken by EPA.

Do you still have question about the project’s permits or the technology that will be used? You’re invited to take a tour and learn more. Contact our staff anytime at (520) 374-3984.

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