Copper: The Official Metal of Arizona

Copper: The Official Metal of Arizona

On March 27th, 2015 Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation into effect declaring copper the official metal of the state of Arizona. Copper has long been a part of the “5 C’s” of the Arizona economy, along with Cattle Cotton Citrus, and Climate — all of which are part of the Arizona state seal. We’re glad copper is getting the recognition it deserves!

Copper is an essential part of our modern life. It’s in our computers, our cars, and our homes. Did you know that even a Boeing 727 contains copper, almost 4 1/2 tons of it?

65% of U.S. copper production is from Arizona mines, and the mining industry provides more than 50,000 jobs to our state. Soon, Florence Copper will proudly be an Arizona copper producer! To learn more about how you can help support Florence Copper bring copper jobs to Florence, visit our Support Page.

Arizona State Seal

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