Construction of the Florence Copper Production Test Facility Continues

Construction of the Florence Copper Production Test Facility Continues

During the week of Oct. 23, 2017, crews at Florence Copper completed the upper portion of Recovery Well 1 (R-01). By November 1st, Rig 1 was drilled, cased, and grouted.

The rig for R-01 includes a “dog house” sitting next to the drill table, which is mounted along with other support equipment including a fuel tank and generator. Since each recovery well is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the dog house is equipped with a desk, tool storage, lockers, and even a microwave and fridge!

Drill rigs working on Recovery Well 1 and Recovery Well 8. The “dog house” (portable office) shown is connected to the rig and will provide everything crews need for 24/7 monitoring. Also shown is the completed mud system and support equipment.

A “mud engineer” oversees the assembly of the mud system, a network of tanks and pumps that circulate drilling fluids to lubricate the drill bit and remove the rock fragments created by the drilling process. This method of drilling is known as flooded reverse circulation. It uses compressed air to lift the mud and drill debris to the surface and separate out solids. The mud is then returned to the hole to repeat the process as the drill moves deeper. The mud engineer works to minimize water loss during the process and to stabilize the borehole.

Additional activity on site included the arrival of equipment to replace and relocate Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA wells).

We will continue to provide project updates as construction progresses.

18” louvered (perforated) casings for irrigation well replacements. | Blank casings for Injection/Recovery wells

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