2017 Scholarship Recipient Winning Essay on Copper!

2017 Scholarship Recipient Winning Essay on Copper!

Congratulations to one of our 2017 Creating Opportunities scholarship recipients, Kamille Green. One of the application requirements was to submit an essay on How Copper Impacts Your Lifestyle. Thanks, Kamille, for a great submission!

How Copper Impacts My Lifestyle

I have a very high-tech lifestyle, and without copper, none of it would be possible. Copper is a chemical element that occurs naturally and has awesome electrical conductivity properties that the human race has taken full advantage of. Copper has sparked many technological revolutions and has led to this day and age where I can share how it has impacted my lifestyle. Day in and day out, I use high-tech electronics, and each and every one of those electronics use copper in some way. For example, I use my iPhone every day — several hundred times a day, in fact. Without copper, phones in general would not be able to function. I also use my laptop, television, and tablet regularly. The internals of a laptop rely heavily on copper and its properties. For example, the CPU, heatsink, motherboard, power supply, video card, and wiring would be nearly non-existent if it weren’t for copper. A television uses similar parts to a laptop and with the discovery of copper and many years of production, technology has advanced to Smart TVs. I personally own and operate a Smart TV as well as other “smart” enabled devices. Without copper these modern day “future techs” would not even be close to production and may have not even been thought of. In addition, I live in a remote area, and drive my care at least 30 minutes to an hour a day. Copper plays a huge role in my vehicle and any vehicle for that matter. Copper contributes to braking systems, electrical system,s emission controls, and much more. Without these features, I would not be able to safely and reliably drive my car. I rely on these everyday items and the copper inside them because without them I couldn’t live the lifestyle I live today.

Kamille also submitted a video as part of the application process. You can watch it on our YouTube channel.

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