Ian Ream

With over 15 years of experience as a field hydrologist and a consultant with Water Management Consultants, Ian Ream has extensive experience in groundwater monitoring, and the installation of production and monitoring wells. Ian has worked on state and federally regulated projects for his entire career, including working directly with state and federal regulators on permitting, permit compliance, and the design of groundwater and surface water monitoring programs. Ian has been involved in numerous well installation and hydrogeologic testing projects, including aquifer storage and recovery projects. Ian’s experience also includes well rehabilitation, groundwater and surface water quality sampling, aquifer characterization, datalogger installation and maintenance, and the design, testing, and optimization of infiltration basins for groundwater recharge.

Since joining Florence Copper in 2012, Ian has been responsible for design, procurement, and construction oversight for the Production Test Facility well field, leading feasibility studies, and compliance monitoring and reporting. As the Florence Copper Project progresses into operation, Ian will continue to lead well field optimization, environmental compliance, and data management and reporting.

Ian graduated with a Bachelor of Science focused on Hydrology and Geochemistry from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. He currently sits on the Arizona Mining Association Water Quality Sub Committee. Ian is also holds Arizona licenses as a potable water treatment and distribution operator. In his free time, he is often camping, biking, swimming or fishing.