A Rare Opportunity

Florence Copper is located in the historic Copper Corridor of Arizona – a region steeped in copper mining history.

The project offers a unique opportunity to provide strong economic benefits to the community of Florence and the State of Arizona with minimal environmental impact.

During its lifetime, Florence Copper is estimated to create close to 500 jobs for Pinal County and generate $3.4 billion in economic activity for the State of Arizona.

Construction of the Phase 1 copper recovery facility is underway and on track to produce copper cathode before the end of this year.

A Unique Copper Deposit

The Florence Copper deposit is rare. Unlike most copper deposits, this one is naturally porous and shattered which allows the copper to be extracted with minimal environmental impact.

A water-based solution is used in a process called in-situ mining to recover copper from the deposit. This state-of-the-art method requires no open pit, no tunneling, no blasting, no waste dumps, and none of the large equipment typically associated with traditional mining activity. The process is energy efficient, uses less water, and produces far less carbon dioxide emissions and waste per pound of copper produced than a conventional mining operation.

Once the mining process is complete, the land will look much as it does today and can be used in a variety of ways: parkland, residential, commercial or manufacturing activities, or simply returned to its natural desert landscape.