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Florence Copper is a unique in-situ copper recovery project planned for Florence, Arizona. Recently added to the Taseko Mines Ltd. portfolio, this environmentally responsible project is estimated to create close to 500 jobs for Pinal County and $68.4 million in local tax revenues for the Town of Florence.

Not a mine in the traditional sense of the term, Florence Copper is an in-situ (in place) recovery project that seeks to dissolve copper minerals from an underground deposit by introducing water with a lowered-pH (making it slightly acidic). This low-PH, water-based solution dissolves the copper and allows it to be pumped to the surface through a continuous loop water treatment system.

Florence Copper is in the advanced permitting stages for a Production Test Facility.

Florence Copper: Creating opportunities from the ground up

Latest News

January 19, 2015: Grant Recipients Announced by Florence Copper Community Foundation; $15,000 awarded to programs that benefit Florence and surrounding communities  
December 08, 2014: EPA Issues Underground Injection Control Draft Permit To Florence Copper Inc.  
November 14, 2014: Water Quality Appeals Board Remands Florence Copper Permit to ADEQ for Limited Review  

Project & Community Updates

July 16, 2015: Court Dismisses Town's Attempt to Take Private Property  
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Florence Copper